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About Kerrie Jacobs-Bryant

Kerrie joined GiveMeSport as an academy writer in March 2023 to embark on the journey to achieving her dream career path. She primarily writes about the NBA but is also comfortable reporting on a variety of other sports including football, NFL, F1, MLB, Cricket and WWE.

Sport dominates Kerrie’s life and she is a huge Los Angeles Lakers and Baltimore Ravens supporter, often adjusting her sleep schedule during the NBA/NFL season to match that of her teams. She is also a huge Red Bull Racing fan, much to her peers’ disgust.

When not writing about sport, you can catch her glued to NFL Redzone on a Sunday, as well as having multiple screens set-up to ensure she doesn’t miss any Grand Prix’s or any Premier League games if on simultaneously.

Alternatively, you will find Kerrie either on a basketball court coaching the next generation of British basketball talent, or at football and cricket stadiums across the UK watching the NFL London Games, The Lionesses, England, or Surrey CCC. 

Latest Articles

Bradley Beal 1
Bradley Beal could be the difference-maker in Suns' title hopes

The Suns made a blockbuster trade for the three-time All-Star, but his availability so far has been a concern for their title aspirations.

De'Aaron Fox 'sets the tone' for Sacramento Kings after 'growing as a leader'

The Kings point guard has not only taken a big leap in his production on the court, but he has also stepped up for his teammates off of it.

NBA_Golden State 1
Draymond Green 'more important than Kevin Durant was' for Golden State Warriors

An argument can be made for Kevin Durant being Steph Curry’s most talented partner, but not his most important. That title belongs to Draymond Green.

Klay Healthy 1
Klay Thompson is 'trying too hard' to prove he’s healthy

The four-time NBA champion is now two years removed from his back-to-back season-ending injuries, but is not performing well.

Harden George 1
L.A. Clippers are 'a desperate team that made a desperate trade' for James Harden

The Clippers traded a significant portion of their roster depth away to add the 10-time NBA All-Star.

NBA_Lakers Lebron 1
'Concern' over LeBron James as L.A. Lakers become 'terrible first quarter team'

The Lakers often finding themselves trailing big in the first quarter of games, has forced LeBron James to take on more minutes than planned.

Detroit Pistons' 'unpleasantly surprising' form expected to continue

The Pistons are currently mired in a 14-game losing streak, the longest active losing streak in the Association.

Alex Caruso had 'the best on-court chemistry' with LeBron James

With reports that the Chicago Bulls could look to blow up their roster, Alex Caruso could emerge as a target for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Draymond Green 1
Draymond Green 'simply has to be better' after five-game suspension

The four-time NBA champion is now eligible to return to the court after serving a five-game suspension.

L.A. Lakers would 'not bat an eye' at bringing back Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso could become a trade candidate if the Chicago Bulls choose to blow up the roster mid-season.

Trading for Jordan Poole was 'Part A of blowing up' the Washington Wizards roster

With the worst record in the NBA this season, the Washington Wizards may look to make some more roster moves before the trade deadline.

Alperen Şengün is a Most Improved Player contender despite 'premature' Jokić comparisons

The 21-year-old has taken yet another big leap in his development and is proving to be an integral member of the Houston Rockets.

Draymond Green's 'underrated playmaking' a big loss for Golden State Warriors

After serving his five-game suspension for ‘escalating an on-court altercation’, Green is slated to make his return to the court on Tuesday night.

D’Angelo Russell has stepped up the most to support LeBron James and Anthony Davis

The Lakers supporting cast are coming together to help their franchise stars put wins on the board, but one player has shone above the rest.

Miami Heat 1
‘Heat Culture' has turned Miami's season around; Tyler Herro could return soon

Injuries have plagued the Miami Heat to start this season, but ‘Heat Culture’ is still prevailing.

Zach LaVine Bulls-Magic 1
Philadelphia 76ers have 'a more realistic possibility' of trading for Zach LaVine

With a lot of tradable assets in the form of expiring contracts, could the 76ers choose to make a run at disgruntled Chicago Bulls star, Zach LaVine?

Charlotte Hornets tipped to make play-in tournament with 'sustainable' LaMelo Ball

The 22-year-old’s performances so far this season may see him single-handedly lead this Hornets team all the way to the play-in tournament.

Boston Celtics 'don't want to mess with continuity' but 'could use a bench piece'

The Celtics have a plethora of roster depth already, but one more elite bench piece could favor them even higher in the Eastern Conference.

Cole Anthony is backing Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner for All-Star bids

Two young Magic stars are making big statements on the court early on in the season and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by their teammate.

Stephen Curry 1
Steph Curry has 'put in a lot of work' to maintain 'overlooked' longevity

You don't just become the greatest three-point scorer in NBA history overnight.

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