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Kit is an experienced sports writer who specializes in the NBA. He has over 10 years experience reporting about the league, though he has also ventured into covering other sports such as American football, hockey, baseball, football and more.

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NBA_Steph Curry 1
Ranking the best scoring performances in Golden State Warriors history

The Warriors have brought to the NBA some of the best scoring performances in history and we listed their best ones.

Pelicans In Season Tournament Court-1 1
Ranking the 5 worst NBA In-Season Tournament courts

While there have been a number of great court designs for the NBA In-Season Tournament, some are just not pretty.

Tatum Embiid 1
3 reasons why the Celtics can edge out the 76ers for Eastern Conference supremacy

The top seed in the East looks set to come down to a battle between two title contenders in Boston and Philly.

LeBron James 1
3 reasons why Los Angeles Lakers should be concerned by slow start

The Lakers are off to another slow start this 2023-24 season and these three reasons could explain why.

Derrick Rose 1
5 NBA players who overcame potentially career-ending injuries

Many NBA players have faced career-threatening injuries and fought hard to overcome the hurdles to get back to playing. Here are five of them.

MixCollage-08-Nov-2023-03-18-PM-9411 1
5 NBA milestones Victor Wembanyama has already reached

Victor Wembanyama is off to a terrific start in his NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs, setting a number of rookie records already.

MixCollage-21-Nov-2023-10-24-PM-2577 1
5 most disappointing players a month into the 2023-24 NBA season

While a number of NBA players exceeded expectations this 2023-24, several others have underperformed. Here are the most disappointing among them.

Kevin Durant 1
5 most disappointing teams a month into the 2023-24 NBA season

We're one month into the 2023-24 NBA Season, and while there have been pleasant surprises, several teams have also failed to live up to expectations.

Bucks' NBA In-Season Tournament Court 1
Ranking the top 5 NBA In-Season Tournament courts

The NBA put a spin on their courts for their first-ever In-Season Tournament. Here are the five nicest playing surfaces they came up with.

jordan poole wizard 1
5 teams that should trade for Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole doesn't seem to be part of the Wizards' plan for the future. Here are some teams that should deal for the out-of-favor guard.

Draymond Gobert 1
Draymond Green's 5 most heated moments on the court, including Rudy Gobert chokehold

There have been several instances when Draymond Green lost his cool on the court, and his Rudy Gobert chokehold is just the latest example of that.

best defense 1
Ranking the top 10 defensive players in NBA history

The NBA's great scorers are always fondly remembered for their skills, but here are 10 legends known instead for their exploits on the defensive end.

lebron 1
Ranking the top 5 over-35 players in NBA history

When an NBA player reaches 35 years old, his impact on the floor is usually in decline. Here are some superstars who have defied Father Time.

10 legends who have a successful post-retirement career 1
10 NBA legends who found success post-retirement

Today's NBA players make astounding amounts of money, but not all are able to grow their wealth after the their careers like these men have.

NBA Hall of Fame 1
10 former NBA legends who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame

These 10 NBA legends should be getting a call from Springfield in the coming years.

Nate Robinson, Pelicans 1
5 smallest players to ever play in the NBA

While height is might in the NBA, there have been plenty of small players who defied the odds and made it among the giants.

Kobe Bryant, Lakers 1
Ranking the worst seasons in L.A. Lakers history

While the Lakers are one of the most successful franchises in NBA history, it hasn't always been smooth-sailing for them.

Elgin Baylor, Lakers 1
5 greatest L.A. Lakers players to never win a championship

The Lakers may have a record-tying 17 NBA Championships to their name, but some of the franchise's greatest players failed to capture a title in L.A.

Spoelstra Popovich 1
Top 5 highest-paid coaches in the NBA

Hiring the right coach is important for several NBA squads, be it rebuilding teams or contending franchises. That is why many pay a premium for them.

Celtics, Isaiah Thomas 1
5 greatest Boston Celtics players to never win a championship

While the Celtics are the most successful franchise in NBA history along with the Lakers, there are a few great Boston players who never won a ring.

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